Dorset Alliance

The Dorset Alliance is a collection of Motorcycle clubs, Motorcycle groups, Motorcycle forum clubs and individual motorcyclists in the county of Dorset.

We are non-political and the Alliance does not support any of its members Affiliations.

We use a facebook group and monthly meetings to communicate, enabling everyone to post their events. There are no fees or membership forms, because the whole idea is we help each other via facebook for better communication between motorcyclists in Dorset.

Through the use of Facebook we can help each other with:
-Member’s rallies and charity events.
-You can also hand out batches of event flyers to others in the DA to hand out in their area.
-Knowledge of weekly ride outs within clubs in the DA.
-Biker friendly pubs & cafes restaurants etc.
-A list of bike nights.
-Help from members in locating a venue for a rally or event and help on finding bands.
-Meet up for group rides whether it’s local or further afield.
-A big yearly D.A charity ride for all members.